Once upon a time...

Compared to noise and punk rock bands, described as dirty and beautiful, like the Pixies writing music for Codeine and shy but “in your face”, Veiv takes inspiration from early grunge, surf and alternative rock from the 90’s. A power trio, screaming and singing about equality, climate justice, angst, memories and every now and then, happy stuff.

Their first recording was supposed to be sent to labels, but they later figured there was no point in keeping it away from everyone else, so they named it “Public released demo”. It was recorded in a studio in the countryside of south Sweden, home built by David Nilsson in his own house. Having to isolate the drums and bass, they put the bass speaker behind a wall built out of a bed. Guitar, vocals and percussions were later recorded at Jimmy’s mixing studio.

In 2019 they recorded their first, self produced EP. The studio they were supposed to record at got an electrical problem the day before, so the solution became Emil Isaksson at Studio Möllan, where the band has recorded ‘Second street EP’ (2019), ‘Bet You’re Soft’ (2020), ‘Beehive’ and three live singles (recorded 2020, release 2021). When ‘Bet You’re Soft’ was released, summer happened in Sweden and there was a sense of control in the air. The venue Plan B in Malmö made it possible to have safe gigs, with lots of space and rules to enjoy a concert. The EP just happened to be released an hour before the gig and so it became a release party. On stage during the show they also sold a home recorded cassette tape with all of their released tracks.

The song ‘Pretending’ started to spread and gave the band a lift. Shortly after, the band got in contact with a record label called Svart Kaffe Records, and was told to get in contact again if they would record more. The band decided to work on new materials, record and before even showing the new songs they got signed by the label. The EP had a premier on the Swedish zine ‘HYMN’ and they also did a short interview with the band. Beehive had after about one week reached about 1000 listeners, mainly in Sweden, but also people in America, Asia and the rest of Europe. Two songs got played on Swedish radio P3 and the student radio in Gothenburg had a track circulating during a week. Swedish music critic Per Sinding-Larsen put ‘A, it’s for me’ on his ‘Topp 20’ list and the EP was noticed by British zine ‘Nordic music review’, Swedish zine HYMN, Italian zine ‘Indie For Bunnies’ and Los Angeles based zine ‘Get some magazine’ that also hosted the band for a live streamed gig and a take over at their Instagram page.

And so, here we are today.